Technologist who cares about and puts people first

Keran has learned through his 25 year career, no matter how amazing technology is, it is nothing if there is no delight for the consumer. Keran understands that technology is best when it's invisible and seamless.


MYOB | Futurist In Residence

Keran joined MYOB as the business began to embark on a digital transformation from desktop software to 100% cloud product. Keran's leadership and passion helped push MYOB, ultimately leading to a change in sales process and brand. MYOB moved from a product company to a platform company and Keran grew the ecosystem of connected developers from a handful to over 10,000.

Keran became thought leadership for MYOB running workshops, speaking on stage and being the face of MYOB in the media throughout Australia and New Zealand. Keran helped transform the accounting industry as advisory and conversations took center stage in the life of bookkeepers, consultants and accountants.

Keran wrapped up working with MYOB in Dec 2018

Advisor & Mentor

There is nothing Keran likes more than seeing the delight on someones face when they solve a problem they've been wrestling with. Keran loves the journey and actively invests his time and energy into businesses to help them find success - from early stage start-up businesses to scale-up and established businesses.

Keran is currently engaged as Advisor to a range of businesses covering topics such as, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Accounting & Business services, Robotics & Automation, along with businesses in MedTech, FinTech, AgTech and EduTech.

Speaker & Motivational Presenter

An accomplished international speaker frequently invited to present on Future Technology, the Future of the Workplace, Future of Education. Keran also speaks about general technology, innovation and business topics. Keran's previous speaking engagements can be found here & Keran's media activities here.

All speaking engagements are paid engagements & travel and expenses are expected to be covered

More about Keran?

You can learn more about Keran's career and experience through his LinkedIn Profile.